The Birdhouse Park

Park Review: Heddie Notz park

Strawberry lane and Webster road Clackamas (parking available on Dolinda St)

Amenities: Large grassy area, nice small play structure, scattered benches.We stumbled upon this park a few weeks ago when our apartment complex lost power for a day. We went to McDonald’s for lunch but when a little boy spat on Arora we decided to play somewhere else. I thought I knew where a park was but got lost and found this one. Arora loves this park! The little “birdhouse” is just her style. She honestly ignores the other structure. The park is on the side of Strawberry Lane but you should   pass it and go to the stop sign at Webster, turn right then, turn right on Dolinda st. There is a place to park at the end of that street and a side entrance to the park . There is no parking on Strawberry Lane.

Pros: I love these quiet neighborhood parks. Arora keeps asking to go back to the birdhouse park.

Cons: Water fountain is broken. Very smelly trash can, that as far as I can tell has not been emptied in a long time. May be boring for older kids.


Alma Myra park

Park Review: Alma Myra Park

Theissen Road, Clackamas Oregon

Amenities: Nice wooded setting, two toddler swings, a teeter totter, wooden play structure. Circular paved path around park.

This is a nice little park. Arora and her buddies really enjoyed playing with all the sticks and pine cones, but watch out for dog poo! Pros: Arora loved the 3 man slide.

Cons: No parking, you have to park on the next block and walk over. The park is right on the side of a fairly busy street, could be a safety hazard for little ones. No restroom, we went once and had to leave right away because a certain little one needed to pee.

Westmoreland Park

Park Review: Westmoreland Park

If you drive between Milwaukie and Portland you have passed this park. It is right on the side of the road when you are going through the tree tunnel. You know, where the trees seem to grown together over the road. It is just off Bybee Blvd.

Amenities: Ball fields galore- baseball, soccer, football. Picnic tables, duck ponds, restrooms, parking lot, play structure. Lots of grassy room to play- watch out for the duck poo!

I love the scenery here. It is full of trees, water fowl and life. There are a few bridges to walk on. It is a nice park for a picnic or a nature walk, not so great for playing on the toys. It kept Arora”s attention for about 5 minutes.We were surrounded by ducks and geese looking for a meal.

Pros: Beautiful!

Cons: Play structure is lame. Right off very busy highway with no fence or barrier. Could pose a safety risk for children who run off.

Willamette Park

Park Review: Willamette Park

1100 12th st, West Linn Or 97068

Amenities: Lots of on street parking, restrooms, 2 large covered picnic areas, Plus other scattered picnic tables. Baseball fields, volleyball courts, boat ramp (where the Tualatin and Willamette rivers meet). Play structure and spray park area.

You can see that the spray area is in quite big it had two large spray areas and then a little pathway with smaller (less intimidating) sprinklers that connect the two areas.Here is a great view of the play area. There are 4 big kid swings and 1 toddler swing. What  I really like about this park is it is mostly shaded. There are lots of big trees right in the toy area and it helps keep it cool even on hot days. It is also nice that there are bathrooms so close to the water area for changing and such.

Pros: Lots of room for picnics and water fun, love the shade.

Cons: Wish there were more benches to sit on around the water area and toy structure.

Arora hardly played in the water or the toys on this last trip to the park. I thought she would be super excited to go to the park becasue we haven’t been going much lately. Do your kids ever just sit on the grass?

*Thanks to Shannon who took the pictures on our play date.*

Rivercrest park

Park review: Rivercrest park

131 Park Drive
Oregon City, OR 97045

Amenities: Covered picnic area (2), large grassy area, lots of trees, play ground, basketball and tennis courts, baseball field and newer spray park. Restrooms and lots of on street parking.

Here you can see one of the covered picnic areas, part of the basketball court and behind that is the spray park. You can see this is a nice nature setting with big trees (and shade!) and grass. The spray park cycles on and off from 10am -8pm all summer long. It is normally busy. There are restrooms right by the spray park.

the water is off here

In another corner of the park is the play ground. Here is the bigger structure. It was fairly hot when we went and not much playing actually happened on the equipment. Here is the little kid equipment. Even though it is plastic it was really hot! There are 4 big kid swings and 2 toddler swings too. Right next to the play ground are a few picnic tables where we enjoyed out lunch.

One thing I don’t understand is this:

slide?do you climb up it?

It doesn’t look like a very comfy slide down, but do you climb up it? Arora didn’t know what to do  with it either.

Pros: Spray parks are great to beat the heat, liked the shady areas and you can rent out the covered areas.

Cons: Play equipment was very hot!