As you saw the other day we like to pick blackberries, well all berries. They are healthy, juicy and sweet.

This year we enjoyed picking blueberries, strawberries and blackberries in our yard and raspberries and boysenberries from Grandpa John’s and Grandma Linda’s garden.

The biggest down fall for berries are the stains created by them. Arora normally gets a messy face and hands but her clothes are typically spared.

Ender on the other hand, loves berries and has been feasting on them all summer. Many pieces of of clothes are stained from it.Here are Ender’s pants from yesterdays blackberry feast. I rubbed them down with oxy clean max power. And tossed them in the wash with our normal laundry soap.Here is how they turned out after just after the washing machine:



As you can see not very clean. I rubbed them down again and washed them. Not much different then just one wash. hmmm. What do you use for laundry stains?