Cloth diapers you say?

We are using cloth diapers and wipes for Ender. After looking at the price difference of cloth and disposables I was completely sold. After studying up on many different diapering systems we decided to go with the Fuzzi Bunz one size diaper. They retail for around $19.00 each which includes the diaper, a newborn soaker and a larger soaker. They also include 2 extra elastic bands to extend the life of the diaper.

We were able to buy our stash of 18 diapers on ebay new for about $16.50 each. They are extra economical for us right now becasue we do not pay for utilities. We normally wash a load of diapers each night, and the laundry soap cost about 4 cents a load.

Here is a look at our diapers and how to use them:

Here is one diaper and one soaker.The diaper opens at the back like so.Then you stuff the soaker into the diaper, this takes about 15 seconds.One of the reasons I  went with the Fuzzi Bunz one size is it the most adjustable cloth diaper on the market. You can see around the legs and here at the back there is a little button with an elastic attached. The elastic as different holes in it. You size the diaper to your child. So if you have a chubby legged, skinny waist-ed kid it fits. Or a skinny legged, round tummy-ed kid they fit. Or a round tummy and three rolled legged kid, like Ender, they fit.Here is how they look on.To see the size difference between the smallest size and the largest size.Here is that comparison when all snapped up.Here is the smallest, Ender’s size, and the largest they get.Our stack, freshly washed and stuffed. Don’t you love all those beautiful colors! On the top of the pile you can see our cloth wipes. One barrier that put people off to cloth diapers is what to do with them when you are out. Enter the wet bag, shown below. My good friend Anna made these for me. We have two that are the perfect size for an outing. Just toss it in the diaper bag and go. They hold 2 dirty diapers. We also have a larger sized one for an all day outing. They are basically water proof bags. They are great because they can be thrown in the wash with the rest of the dirty things.When asking Ender how he likes his Fuzzi Bunz he simple smiles.