So are you breastfeeding?

Total strangers have come up to me already and asked me if I was breastfeeding our son. I am, and it is going great. After Ender was born my first priority was to establish breastfeeding. Ender howled for the first hour or so after birth, then after he cleared his lungs sufficiently, he latched right on to nurse.  I had great nurses who helped me remember how to hold and help a newborn latch on. The first few days were uncomfortable as we learned what to do.  One thing I  realized was my back was killing me because I was bringing my breast to Ender and not bringing him to me. Things got much better after I fixed that!

We went to our local La Leche League meeting.  It was nice to meet with other breastfeeding moms. They had great ideas for nursing lying down, which I never could do with Arora. I am still learning how to keep me comfortable while nursing lying down. Too many pillows behind my back and  I am too hot, not enough support and my back gets sore.  I would love your great ideas. Also I am excited to learn how to nurse Ender in my Moby Wrap  or my Mei Tai. (Learn how to make your own Mei Tai later this week!) I think he needs to gain a bit more head and neck control first. It is easy for me to forget he is only 3 weeks old.

My mother in law, Kathy, was very kind to go bra shopping with my a few weeks before Ender was born. We went to the Providence Breastfeeding Center here in Portland. These are to two nursing bras I picked out. They are way better then this one.This one is by Bravado, super soft and supportive. It is easy to unhook and re-hook with one hand.This is a sleeping bra by La Leche League.  It is great for night time and wearing around the house. So far I am very happy with my new nursing bras. In a month or two I will probably want to get something that is even more supportive, for working out pushing two kids in the stroller at the zoo.