Risley park

Park review: Risley Park

2350 SE Swain Oak Grove Or 97267

Amenities: on street parking, large grassy area with tall trees, walking trail, basketball court, tennis court, few picnic tables and a play structure.

We have visited this park a few times, it is almost always empty. The play structure seems to be a bit older, and the substrate (wood chips) is well worn down. When it rains the play ground is a mud pit. When it is warm the metal slides are very hot. It is not the best park.  There are two big kid swings and two toddler swings.

big kid side

little kid sidegrassy area

There is a large area to run around in and lots of birds and squirrels live here. There are often dog walkers and we have seen a bit too much poo to really run around here though.

twisty slide

Pros: Probably wont have to share the park.

Cons: No restrooms, most of the year it is too hot or too muddy.


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