Coming back?

I am happy to announce that I am back at home. Back being a stay at home mom that is. I could not be happier about it. You can look forward to this blog coming back too.

I know you all are so excited.

See you all soon.


Welcome to Lawrence

We are here in Lawrence Kansas.

We were greeted by our amazing family out here.

Arora is in love with her cousins.

Ender likes napping in our new Ergo baby carrier.  I wore him for 2 hours today and no back pain!

Our new washer and dryer will be delivered tomorrow.

This is the first time I have ever owned a new mattress, it is amazing.

We had a ton of help from our new ward come and help us unload our moving truck.

Arora’s bed broke in the move, but David fixed it.

I had a mini melt-down, David comforted me, helped me clean up and now is bringing home red velvet frozen yogurt.

Life is different and hard but we are coping and becoming a stronger family because of it.

moving poem

Boxes boxes everywhere,

No couch, no desk, hardly a chair.

We get ready to load the truck,

And hope that in the snow the car wont get stuck.

Oh, Oregon we will miss you so,

But on this new adventure we must go.

Kansas here we come!

Our family is making some big changes in the next few weeks. For one we are moving half way across the country to Kansas. We are moving in order to take a new job. It is a big career change for David, and me. We will be working together, David and I, with our children right there with us. We will be living in a duplex, where we live on one side and the other side is where we work. The other side is a group home for 4 gentlemen with special needs. We will be their caregivers, their family. They will be our “guys” and our family too. We met them once and I already have a growing love for them in my heart.

We have been busy with sorting and packing. Visiting with friends and family. Visiting our favorite outing spots one last time and preparing our family for this change.