Max Patterson park

Park review:

Max Patterson Memorial Park

400 East Exeter Street, Gladstone Oregon

Parking: A few parking spots but mostly curbside parking.

Amenities: Restroom facilities, a few benches, two small covered picnic areas, large play structure, large grassy area, two tennis courts, baseball diamond. There is also a fenced in spray park area.I used to play at this park when I was a kid. It used to be a huge wooden structure but they took that out and put in new equipment about 10 years ago. It is still tall equipment. There is a merry-go-round, two swings, tire swing. Three slides and many things to climb on. It is set up like an obstacle course.If you look at the picture close up you can see the drop off oat the end of the slides far from the ground. My 2 year old could barely get down with out falling.Here is a look at the spray park. I could not find the hours for the  spray park or when it opens for the summer. I believe it is weather sensitive, when it is consistently over a certain temperature it will be on every day. I like how there are bathrooms right by the spray park.  I also like how it is fenced in.

This park is really for older children. Most of the equipment requires a good amount of climbing. I would say it is for 4-5 year olds and up.

My overall rating of this park is 7. I like how it has the spray park and the large grassy areas to play in. It lost one star for lack of parking. Lost another star because it is quite filled with garbage. If you look at the picnic area photo close up you will see the mess. And the last star was because it did not have much that smaller children could do.


6 thoughts on “Max Patterson park

  1. Wow I remember that park from when I was a kid too. I was so sad when the took out the giant wood structure. That thing was totally incredible, and the slide from the top before they took it out (a few years before the rest of the structure I think) was as intense experience.

  2. I love reading your reviews of parks and places to take children. Your comments and discriptions will be very helpful when we are deciding how to spend time with the grandkids this summer. I didn’t know they took down the huge old play structure…my kids used to love it. But a spray park is a nice addition!

  3. I too used to play at the park when they had the old, bomb-ass, play structure! They also used to hire high school and college students to work there and facilitate games, arts and crafts, and sn0-cone days. Best memories I have as a kid are at that park.

    By the way, does anyone have any old pics of the original play structure?

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