battle of the pools

I love to swim. Some of my earliest memories are of swimming in our backyard pool. A few weeks ago I decided to take Arora swimming.  The North Clackamas Aquatic Park is close to our home so that is where we went.

7300 SE Harmony Road
Milwaukie, OR 97222

(503) 557-SURF

Hours:  We attend the parent preschooler swim. Which is M,W&F 9-10:30.  See all hours here.

Price: It cost us $2.50 to attend the parent/preschooler swim. You can see all prices here.

We had a good time for the first 1/2 hour, then it started to get really busy. The area open for P/P is not very big. There were probably 20 families there and it was crowded.  There is a 1 foot pool with a small seal slide that my daughter really liked. There is also a wading pool with a big spray/water bucket feature. This part of the pool is 0-2 1/2 feet deep. The wave pool is not open for P/P swim times.

We left tired and happy. Actually Arora was NOT happy to leave and cries the whole way home to go back. Seeing how much she enjoyed it I figured we could afford the $2.50, once or twice a week.

The next time we went we did not have as much fun. The heater was not working the the pool was very cold. We ended up leaving because Arora’s lips were blue.

My step-sister Lisa told me she had taken her toddler to the pool at the Mt Scott Community Center. We decided to check it out this week.

5530 SE 72nd Ave, Portland Or


Hours: See the website. The parent/preschooler swim is M, W &F 9-11:30. The hours will be changing to summer hours in late June. The summer hours are also posted on the website.

EDIT * We are on summer hours now. The only parent preschool swim is on Saturday at 9:30-11:30.*

Cost: It cost us $4.50. Prices are on the website, and vary by age.

The swim area is much larger then at the aquatic park. One side of the pool starts at 1 foot then gradually gets deeper to around 3 1/3 feet. There is also a spray/bucket/pipe water unit in the shallow end. There is an area with a current and a whirl pool too. Also it is warm.

So which pool is better????

Aquatic Park: Only thing they did better is the price.

Mt Scott Pool: Warmer, more room to play, actually deep enough for adults to swim in, longer play time, had plenty of floaty/noodle toys for the children to use. Also the current area is a lot of fun. In the deep end children could jump in with out hitting the bottom.

So I had to ask myself is the extra cost worth it?


I actually had fun at Mt Scoot whereas at the Aqutic park I was cold and there wasn’t room for actually swimming. It was basically a cold splash pool.

We went back a second time to Mt Scoot and had even more fun then the first time. We plan to go around once a week, for fun and exercise.