Willamette Park

Park Review: Willamette Park

1100 12th st, West Linn Or 97068

Amenities: Lots of on street parking, restrooms, 2 large covered picnic areas, Plus other scattered picnic tables. Baseball fields, volleyball courts, boat ramp (where the Tualatin and Willamette rivers meet). Play structure and spray park area.

You can see that the spray area is in quite big it had two large spray areas and then a little pathway with smaller (less intimidating) sprinklers that connect the two areas.Here is a great view of the play area. There are 4 big kid swings and 1 toddler swing. What  I really like about this park is it is mostly shaded. There are lots of big trees right in the toy area and it helps keep it cool even on hot days. It is also nice that there are bathrooms so close to the water area for changing and such.

Pros: Lots of room for picnics and water fun, love the shade.

Cons: Wish there were more benches to sit on around the water area and toy structure.

Arora hardly played in the water or the toys on this last trip to the park. I thought she would be super excited to go to the park becasue we haven’t been going much lately. Do your kids ever just sit on the grass?

*Thanks to Shannon who took the pictures on our play date.*


5 thoughts on “Willamette Park

  1. I love your reviews Holly! I am going to check this park out soon. Hey, what kind of baby carrier is Ender in? I tried a moby wrap with Ben, and I liked it… but there was so much fabric it was too much of a hassle. 🙂

  2. We went to this park a couple of weeks ago. I think there is too much shade on the water pad…made it too cold. But despite the lack of many benches, you can sit on the curb around the water pad.

    I loved the rest of the park. I liked that there was a bigger play structure and a smaller one. The shade is wonderful on a hot day.

  3. This park is a life saver. Every wed. during the summer when i was pregnant with Gavin would get a little shot.(blessing of high risk) After almost visit we stopped and played here. That was like two years ago they had a little pool and the boys loved playing in it. I am sad that they got rid of it. Oh well, change is good. I never knew what the name of it was. We always called it the Dr. Scott park. Thanks for informing us.

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