worlds most charming smile


On his way to potty independance

Today Ender walked over to the bathroom, tapped on the door, I opened it and helped him get on the potty and he went pee. This is a boy who knows where to do his business.  Here is a short video of Ender’s favorite game to play on the potty or anywhere.


Ender is one

Dear Ender Bender,

You are One! Wow what a joyous year it has been. You were born happy and happy has been your default setting ever since. You are always smiling. You love to interact with people. You look people right in their eyes and smile at them. You smile now has 8 little, sharp teeth. When you are upset, especially with your sister you bite.

Something you did since you were very little is give slobber kisses. A wide open mouth planted on my cheek, or chin, or any where. You love to be affectionate. Your thick dark hair, thinned, turned curly and then blond.

You wake up everyday between 6:30 and 7am. You go to bed around 7pm and take 1 1-2 hour nap. You are the best little climber! You learned how to do stairs at about 10 months and then how to use the chair to get up on the table at 11 months. You like to climb the step stool in the bathroom and wash your hands.

You love to eat. The only food you don’t like is tomatoes. Your sister Arora loves to help give you food. You love her for sharing! You love technology. You hate when mommy doesn’t share the computer or phone with you.

You have a few nick names. The first being Ender Bender, said that one once and it just stuck. Some of your cousins call you just Bender. The next nick name is Trouble. You know when the cupboard is open a crack and come a-crawling! You know when you can get past the gate and crawl down to the basement. You know how to turn the tv and dvd player on and off. Mostly you are just so curious!

You still sleep all swaddled up in your blanket.  You love being rocked to sleep by daddy. You also love when daddy sings. You love music and start dancing as soon as you hear it. You look like a little conductor, bouncing your arm to the beat.

You are getting to be a good walker. Taking 10 steps or so at a time. You are a speed crawler.

You are a joy, you are loved.