Westmoreland Park

Park Review: Westmoreland Park

If you drive between Milwaukie and Portland you have passed this park. It is right on the side of the road when you are going through the tree tunnel. You know, where the trees seem to grown together over the road. It is just off Bybee Blvd.

Amenities: Ball fields galore- baseball, soccer, football. Picnic tables, duck ponds, restrooms, parking lot, play structure. Lots of grassy room to play- watch out for the duck poo!

I love the scenery here. It is full of trees, water fowl and life. There are a few bridges to walk on. It is a nice park for a picnic or a nature walk, not so great for playing on the toys. It kept Arora”s attention for about 5 minutes.We were surrounded by ducks and geese looking for a meal.

Pros: Beautiful!

Cons: Play structure is lame. Right off very busy highway with no fence or barrier. Could pose a safety risk for children who run off.


3 thoughts on “Westmoreland Park

  1. This park has always seemed more like a green space along the busy road than an actual park, if you know what I mean. I like parks that are a little more secluded. But I am grateful for the beautiful cityscape/park as a driver.

  2. Just had to tell you that we went here the other day. I told him we were going to the “secret park” because I didn’t know how to get to the entrance, except if driving south on 99E. Anyway, I had totally forgotten about the merry-go-round and tired swing. We had so much fun on those! He liked the slide and the teeter-totter, too, but it’s hard to do the teeter-totter since our weight is so unbalanced. He didn’t even go near the newer, plastic play structure, lol.

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