Autumn happenings

Well you may have noticed I had been trying to post every day in November for NaBloPoMo, but then life changed and we became busy again. So the blog got forgotten for a while.

Also I started reading some great books and so when I had a few minutes free time I was devouring them. Have you read the Septimus Heap books yet? They are really entertaining. I really like how they flow so smoothly between each character’s perspective.

I also started working on a Christmas present for my kids. It is more work then I thought it would be but I think they will really like it. I have been using ideas from these sites.

So farĀ  I made pages for the night and day, an ice cream scoop page, a road page, a clock and an abacus. I am hoping to also make a dress the doll page, a name page for each kid, and some Bible stories scenes.

Have you started making any Christmas gifts this year?