Canby’s Legacy Park

Park review:

Canby’s Legacy Park

1200 SE 13th ave Canby Oregon

Parking: Smallish parking lot for size of park, I have seen it full a few times.

Amenities: Covered picnic area, baseball and soccer fields, large grassy area, two play structures, restrooms and walking path.

Here is a view of both play structures. The closer one is for younger children 0-3 or so. You can also see one of my favorite features of the park. The floor is made from rubber mats. I think it is all recycled tires. It is nice and soft which is really nice for the younger kids. We went here once with my nephew who was just starring to walk. He was able to have a great time even though he fell down a lot.  There are two toddler swings, but no big kid swings. There is also a small balance beam and teeter totter.

Between the two structures are some small trees and a few places to sit. Which you can see here.The older park has a sign that says the recommended age is 5-12 years.  I think adventurous 3s and 4s would be okay with  most of the equipment. My two year old loved  this slide (okay I thought it was really fun too!) but could not get up on the equipment with out help. It is a bunch of pipes that roll under you. So you go really fast. *I broke my sandal on this slide. There is just enough room between the pipes to get a sandal strap, or maybe a baby finger, stuck so be careful!*This is another view of the big kid area. We have visited this park a number of times and love it. If there is a ball game going on the park will be packed so we only go in the morning and not on the weekends.

Pros: the rubber floors and that the little kid area is the perfect size for Arora.

Cons: I have heard from a few people that Canby has a gang problem. I have never seen anything that made me uncomfortable at this park. It is connected to Ackerman middle school so maybe that means it is safer then other places in Canby.


3 thoughts on “Canby’s Legacy Park

  1. Oh, I think I would like to try that roller-park slide. There is somewhat of a gang element at Canby HS, but it is not a “dangerous” town that should be avoided. I would take my family to Canby with confidence. Looks like a really fun park!

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