Stringfield Family Park

Park Review:

Stringfield Family Park‎

3614 SE Naef Rd, Portland, Oregon 97267

Located off McLaughlin Blvd between Gladstone and Milwaukie city limits.

Parking: Off street and very close to play equipment.

Amenities: Park has restrooms that were very clean. Many benches and picnic tables. One large covered picnic area. Large grassy areas, small “stream” and two bridges that cross it. Walking path that circles the park.

Play ground equipment: 2 big kid and 2 toddler swings. One area that is more for little kids, stairs, “mountain climb” and small slide.

little kid area

Larger area for bigger kids with 2 slides and many things to climb up on. The “official” recommended age for this park is 5 and up. I would give this park the okay for 18 months  and up in the little area, and 3 or 4 and up in the big kid area. The substrate is small wood chip, so avoid wearing sandals as splinters are likely.

Over all I give this park 8 of 10 stars. It lost one star because there are many many dogs that walk here and we saw a little too much dog poo to really run around in the grass. The other star was lost because the restroom is frequently used by public workers (post men, construction crews etc) Which meant there were a lot of people coming and going that were not there for the park. I just had a little bit of a weird feeling with all the bathroom traffic.


4 thoughts on “Stringfield Family Park

  1. That looks like fun. We went to a birthday party at Washington Park this weekend so we got to check out the playground there. It’s HUGE, and totally awesome, but as it was a gorgeous Saturday, it was VERY CROWDED. I want to go there on a weekday sometime.

  2. I had fun at that park with you and Arora. It is just the right size park for a little girl. We just discovered a new park with a great play structure in OC this evening. It’s called Wesley Lynn park. We’ll have to go there with Arora sometime soon!

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