The Birdhouse Park

Park Review: Heddie Notz park

Strawberry lane and Webster road Clackamas (parking available on Dolinda St)

Amenities: Large grassy area, nice small play structure, scattered benches.We stumbled upon this park a few weeks ago when our apartment complex lost power for a day. We went to McDonald’s for lunch but when a little boy spat on Arora we decided to play somewhere else. I thought I knew where a park was but got lost and found this one. Arora loves this park! The little “birdhouse” is just her style. She honestly ignores the other structure. The park is on the side of Strawberry Lane but you should   pass it and go to the stop sign at Webster, turn right then, turn right on Dolinda st. There is a place to park at the end of that street and a side entrance to the park . There is no parking on Strawberry Lane.

Pros: I love these quiet neighborhood parks. Arora keeps asking to go back to the birdhouse park.

Cons: Water fountain is broken. Very smelly trash can, that as far as I can tell has not been emptied in a long time. May be boring for older kids.


3 thoughts on “The Birdhouse Park

  1. Hey Mayors! How are we ever going to celebrate Halloween without you? We definitely need to work something out – you have been a solid part of Michael and I’s entire married Halloween experience! We sure miss you guys and hope you are doing well!


  2. This park was named after my relative and I am very proud of her legacy. I hope you enjoy this park for years to come. 😀 I know my daughters will be visiting there soon!
    Alissa Peay Daughter of Linda Peay (M:Notz)

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