North Clackamas Community Park

Park Review: North Clackamas Community Park

5440 SE Kellogg Creek Dr
Milwaukie, OR 97269

Open dawn to dusk.

Amenities: 4 baseball diamonds, large covered picnic areas (2), picnic tables and other benches around the park, protected stream area with two little bridges. Large parking lot, rose garden pavilion that can be rented out. Large play structure. Lots of trees and nature-y surroundings. Dog park. Restroom facilities (3).

This is a large park! The parking area is big but is not very close to the play structure. We don’t mind because we love to walk through the nature area and over the bridge. The play area is nice and big which is nice because this park is often busy. With people from the dog park or siblings tagging along to baseball games. There are 3 restrooms, but none are close to the play area. There are lots of benches and lots of shade which helps keep the structure cool. One thing I do not like about this park is the substrate. It is made of wood chips that are tiny. You do not want to wear sandals here, you will get splinters. I was pulling tiny slivers out of my feet and sandals for a few days.Here is another view of the park. The park structure is recommended for 5 and up but Arora (2.5) could do most things.  I think adventurous 3s’s would be fine. There is also an “area” for smaller kids. It only has two toddler swings and one rocking toy. It looks like there used to be more equipment but was taken out.Here is David pushing Arora on a big kid swing. This was her first time on the big kid swings.  I had always been too timid to put her on one. She did great, held on with both hands and even went fairly high.  She loved the swing. She played on the swing for a good 30 minutes that day.Over view:

Pros: Lots of room to run and play, love the nature setting.

Cons: Wood chips/bark dust for substrate, bathroom is not close to play structure.


2 thoughts on “North Clackamas Community Park

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  2. Sounds like a park I would like. We should go sometime.

    Michael wanted to try the big swings, too, and I was surprised he held on so well.

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