Baby Shower of my dreams

Before I was expecting this little one my sister Heidi called dibs on throwing me a shower. I called dibs on throwing her a baby shower too, though we had no idea when either of us would get pregnant.  Heidi is four years younger then I am. We were not good friends as kids. She was a tomboy and I was all girl. As we grew up we started to get to know each other better. We shared a room for most of our childhood. When we were in high school our family moved to a larger house and we each had our own room. But we almost always bunked together still. It was just too weird sleeping in a big room all alone. We would stay up late talking, and laughing.


We further bonded as young adults, trying to make our way in the world. One other thing that has completely cemented our friendship is we married best friends. Our husbands grew up together, and have a very strong friendship. Heidi and Keenan are some of our favorite people in the world.

Heidi started planning my baby shower back in April. She loves to plan things and to be organized. We sent out invitations 4-5 weeks in advance to make sure people scheduled in the party. Heidi helped me plan a menu of all the things I have been craving this pregnancy: salad, lemon aid, french bread and strawberry shortcake. It was simple, fresh and so tasty. My sister in law Ellie helped with the food. She made the french bread from scratch. She used a recipe I taught her, but she makes it way better then I do.

I was very glad to be able to have the shower close to our home. The room was just the right size, enough seats but nice and cozy. Everyone seemed to have someone to chat with and I felt like I had time to talk with each guest. Everyone was very generous with gift giving. We are so grateful for the help with all the things you need for a new baby.

But the best part of the shower was feeling so loved.

The chairs were in a big circle and I could look around and see every body’s face. They were smiling at me. Smiles that radiated trust and confidence in me as a mother. I felt honored to be friends with so many women. I know that when Ender arrives that I will have plenty of people to help in the first weeks of adjusting to our new life. I am very grateful to have so many friends and relatives who love me.