Make moon sand

We made up a batch of moon sand this week. This is so simple and the kids loved it.
Take 4 cups of flour and mix it with 1/2 cup oil. Mix well. Play!
This is absolutely an outside activity. I thought it would mostly stay on the cookie sheet, I was WRONG. It was everywhere. But it swept up easily enough.
The kids really enjoyed driving cats through it and making animal tracks too.






April 2013

April 2013

Family photo April 2013

Ender (2 1/2), me (29), Avalon (6 weeks), Arora (5), David (29)

Alive, Well, and Happy.

Look for another post soon!

Autumn happenings

Well you may have noticed I had been trying to post every day in November for NaBloPoMo, but then life changed and we became busy again. So the blog got forgotten for a while.

Also I started reading some great books and so when I had a few minutes free time I was devouring them. Have you read the Septimus Heap books yet? They are really entertaining. I really like how they flow so smoothly between each character’s perspective.

I also started working on a Christmas present for my kids. It is more work then I thought it would be but I think they will really like it. I have been using ideas from these sites.

So far  I made pages for the night and day, an ice cream scoop page, a road page, a clock and an abacus. I am hoping to also make a dress the doll page, a name page for each kid, and some Bible stories scenes.

Have you started making any Christmas gifts this year?

In to drawing

Arora has been really into drawing lately. She wants to have David or I draw something and she will copy it step by step.

Arora's rainbow phoenix

We checked a book out from the library called  1 2 3 draw mythical creatures . Arora loved it. We generally ask arora what she wants to do with a piece of art when she is done with it. Trash it, or hang it up. Most of the time it is hang it up.

our gallery

The other day Ender was coloring next to us as I was showing Arora how to draw a zebra.

Arora's zebra

After we were finished we hung up the zebra, and then I  hung up Ender’s picture too. He was beaming! Pointing at it and smiling. Now I make a point to hang up Ender’s art work regularly.

Ender's zebra

I joined Weight Watchers

And Love It!

The points plus program is easy to use, and easy to follow. I started the program on Friday and I have already lost 3, yup 3 pounds. I think starting the program right when I stopped nursing was the right time. (more on weaning later this week) I am motivated, and happy to be take care of my body.

I have had an unhealthy body image since childhood. My mother was always telling me I was fat. She was always unhappy with her own body, and if rubbed off on me.  I was average sized as a kid and young teen. Then I had some major stress hit me, I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at 14, my entire social circle changed over the course of one summer, and my parents divorced.

I coped with the stress with insomnia and overeating.  I gain around 50 pounds in 2 years. Since then I have dieted, lost and gained, tried LA weight loss,  joined a number of gyms,  didn’t go to the gym, dieted, had 2 kids, lost and gained.

I’m ready to take charge of my own habits, my own choices. I’m ready to free myself from the bad habits that were formed long ago and sustained by my pride and self-consciousness. I know I have the potential to have a healthy body. I have the will- power, support system, cheerleaders, and reasons to succeed.

I probably will not post here regularly about losing weight but do look for ideas to incorporate exercise into raising children, and places to exercise indoors in the Portland Or area.

Our favorite characters

The other night Arora was reading before bed, when I ent to tuck her in she was on the last book. It was “Fancy Nancy’s Splendiferous Christmas“, she was almost to the end and was asking me about what happened. I told her I didn’t know I hadn’t read that one  yet, she then look at me and said “Mom you know Fancy Nancy!” like I had forgotten her best friend.

We have made some good friends the past few week with our ramped up reading. Here are some of our favorites:

The Francis books by Russel Hoban: I remember reading these when I was a little girl. These are at the long end for Arora’s attention span. But the messages are so sweet and  I love how Francis is always singing.

Fancy Nancy by Jane O’Connor: Easy enough for Arora to read alone but with fancy words through out. Arora’s favorite part is the fancy word list at the end.

The Berenstain Bears by Stan and Jan Berenstain: On the harder end for Arora but we love to get the videos that match the books and read the books first then watch the short cartoon.

Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans: We often get Madeline as “stories” as Arora calls them. A book with a CD in it. We listen to them in the car. They often have songs and little stories in french after the book.

Do your kids have favorite book characters?