One adult +3 kids at Disney California Adventure

Visiting A theme park with three kids( age 5.5, 3, and 5 months) and one adult can seem daunting, if not impossible. When ever we do it I get so many comments of “your here alone?” or “brave mama” even “you must be crazy!” While it is a task to concur I feel it has been worthwhile. The first few trips were harder but now we have a list of rides and attractions we visit and can enjoy a day at DCA.

Rides we cannot ride because of a height requirement:

Luigi’s flying tires: 32″

Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree: 32″

Tuck and Roll’s Drive ‘Em Buggies: 36″

Silly swings: 40″

Jumpin’ Jellyfish: 40″

Soarin’ over California: 40″

Tower of Terror: 40″

Radiator Springs Racers: 40″

Goofy’s sky school: 42″

Grizzly River Run: 42″

California screaming: 48″

You should note that these are all the rides in cars land.Also you should note we can not ride on :

Golden Zephyr: all riders must sit on the bench without help.

Francis’ Ladybug Boogie: all riders must sit on the seat without help.

Tuck and Roll’s Drive ‘Em Buggies: Only two people fit in a car and kids under 7 must ride with an adult. So if you have 2 kids under 7 with one adult you cannot do this ride.

That is a long list of rides! You might think there is nothing left to do. If we were only were only visiting for a day with one adult and three kids I might skip the park altogether. BUT since we are local (and have an annual passport) we still have a short list of attractions that the kids LOVE  and so it makes it worth while.

I will tell you about those next week.


Fantasyland tips part one

When thinking about taking young kids to Disneyland what parent doesn’t imaging flying high on Dumbo or helping your child pull the sword from the stone?

When visiting Disney we generally travel with Arora (5) on foot, Ender (2.5) in the umbrella stroller and Avalon (3m) in the Ergo. Some rides have height requirements, some have a number of bodies per car limit, and others require every bum to be on the seat. Also all children must ride in the same car with an adult until they are seven years old.

Each ride that has a height requirement will have it posted on the line entrance. Other requirements though often are not expressed until you reach the front of the line. Our first few days of Disney we have to step out of line a few times becasue there were these other requirements we were unaware of.

arora on horse

Lets go through some of the rides in Fantasy land and see what the rides require.

Mad Tea Party: Everyone can ride, plenty of room for 4-5 people in one tea cup. Baby can go on ride in Ergo. This ride tends to have a short line.

Alice in Wonderland: Each Caterpillar hold two small people in the front and maybe two adults in the back. Arora had to sit in the front while I sat in the back with Ender and Avalon in the Ergo.

Dumbo: We were able to just fit into one elephant with Avalon in the Ergo.

ender horse

Casey Junior Circus Train: The open rows have a 3 body limit, so ride in the animal cage if you have 3 kids in tow. Tends to have a shorter line.

Pinocchio:  Same set up as Alice, Arora in the front and with Ender and me in the back with Avalon in the Ergo.

King Arther’s Carrousel: Can either ride on a stationary bench or try and get two horses next to each other. Arora was safe and comfortable on her horse. While the horse has a loop around the waist strap it does not get tight around a two year old. Ender is a very wiggly boy. I didn’t feel okay leaving him and getting on a horse myself (with baby). So I was able to stand next to him, between two horses. Tends to have a shorter line.

Peter Pan:  Baby had to be out of the Ergo sitting on my lap with her feet under the lap bar. Tight fit for a mom with 3 kids!

rare trip when David was able to join us.

rare trip when David was able to join us.

it’s a small world: easiest ride to ride! each bench can fit 4-5 people. Baby can ride in the Ergo.  Tends to have a shorter line. Best part of it’s a small world? Great place to get in a a quick nursing session!  The ride is smooth, quite dark and long enough to satisfy baby.

There are a few other rides in Fantasy land we have not experienced yet.

Have you taken your kids/ grand kids to Disneyland? What is your best tip?

Trip to OMSI

We went on a family trip to OMSI, the Oregon museum of science and industry, last week. I was a little disappointed. I had been there a few times before and really enjoyed it. Nut this was my first time taking little children.
First off it is not cheap to get in. To see the basic permanent exhibits is $12 per adult and $9 for kids 3 and up. Plus they tack on a $3 parking fee. So we paid $36 just to get in the door. If you want to see the traveling exhibit (a “Chronicles of Narnia” piece right now) it is $2 more per person.
The museum in spacious and has tons of stuff to read about and learn from. Only maybe 20% is likable for kids under 6. I would say 10% is geared for 3 and under.
The science playground is made for the preschool and under set. It has many activities in a large room. The room was dark, crowded and under supplied.
The kid sized grocery store had nothing in it. The play house had 5 puppets and nothing in the play kitchen. The craft room had two dried out glue sticks and only scraps of paper to cut. The biggest part of the kid are is a sand pit, but neither of our kids like sand. We played in the kid room for all of 30 minutes.
We looked at some of the other exhibits but they are heavy on reading. Even with Arora being able to read she did not want to stand and read about how the inner ear works, or why women generally live longer then men.
We wondered through the rest of the museum, it was loud, busy, and geared to middle schoolers and up.
All in all I think our kids enjoyed the family day but would have preferred Safari Sam or the swimming pool. We will plan tongi back in say five years or so.

outing- Enchanted playhouse and a great deal!

Outing- Enchanted Playhouse

Located:  11520 82nd ave, just a block from the Clackamas mall.

Phone # (503) 908-0633

We went with our friends Shannon, Lexi and Owen last week. We had a great time! The boys napped and otherwise chilled in the baby swing or in the Moby Wrap. The girls were all over the place. Lexi was more adventurous to try all the toys Arora stuck with her few favorites : bouncy house and slide, and the roller coaster car.

I had to help her up the first time or two but then she liked it so much she was motivated to try a bit harder and master the skill.

There were a few older kids (5ish) and a few other toddlers but it was mostly empty. We played for around 2 hours, but once you pay you can play all day. We will absolutely be going back. It is a great place to go on a rainy day.

Normally it is $7 per child to play but you can get 3 passes for $10, a $11 savings! I’ll take it! But you have to act today. Trust me you kids will love it. A great things to put in your kids/grand kids stocking. (hint hint to Arora’s grandmas. 🙂 )  Click on the deal here .

The Birdhouse Park

Park Review: Heddie Notz park

Strawberry lane and Webster road Clackamas (parking available on Dolinda St)

Amenities: Large grassy area, nice small play structure, scattered benches.We stumbled upon this park a few weeks ago when our apartment complex lost power for a day. We went to McDonald’s for lunch but when a little boy spat on Arora we decided to play somewhere else. I thought I knew where a park was but got lost and found this one. Arora loves this park! The little “birdhouse” is just her style. She honestly ignores the other structure. The park is on the side of Strawberry Lane but you should   pass it and go to the stop sign at Webster, turn right then, turn right on Dolinda st. There is a place to park at the end of that street and a side entrance to the park . There is no parking on Strawberry Lane.

Pros: I love these quiet neighborhood parks. Arora keeps asking to go back to the birdhouse park.

Cons: Water fountain is broken. Very smelly trash can, that as far as I can tell has not been emptied in a long time. May be boring for older kids.

Alma Myra park

Park Review: Alma Myra Park

Theissen Road, Clackamas Oregon

Amenities: Nice wooded setting, two toddler swings, a teeter totter, wooden play structure. Circular paved path around park.

This is a nice little park. Arora and her buddies really enjoyed playing with all the sticks and pine cones, but watch out for dog poo! Pros: Arora loved the 3 man slide.

Cons: No parking, you have to park on the next block and walk over. The park is right on the side of a fairly busy street, could be a safety hazard for little ones. No restroom, we went once and had to leave right away because a certain little one needed to pee.

Westmoreland Park

Park Review: Westmoreland Park

If you drive between Milwaukie and Portland you have passed this park. It is right on the side of the road when you are going through the tree tunnel. You know, where the trees seem to grown together over the road. It is just off Bybee Blvd.

Amenities: Ball fields galore- baseball, soccer, football. Picnic tables, duck ponds, restrooms, parking lot, play structure. Lots of grassy room to play- watch out for the duck poo!

I love the scenery here. It is full of trees, water fowl and life. There are a few bridges to walk on. It is a nice park for a picnic or a nature walk, not so great for playing on the toys. It kept Arora”s attention for about 5 minutes.We were surrounded by ducks and geese looking for a meal.

Pros: Beautiful!

Cons: Play structure is lame. Right off very busy highway with no fence or barrier. Could pose a safety risk for children who run off.