Make moon sand

We made up a batch of moon sand this week. This is so simple and the kids loved it.
Take 4 cups of flour and mix it with 1/2 cup oil. Mix well. Play!
This is absolutely an outside activity. I thought it would mostly stay on the cookie sheet, I was WRONG. It was everywhere. But it swept up easily enough.
The kids really enjoyed driving cats through it and making animal tracks too.






Make your own ice chalk

Today found a recipe for homemade ice cube chalk. Since we were going to be home and the weather is a perfect 75 we decided to give it a try.

This was so simple. Mix one cup of water with one cup of corn starch. Pour into an ice cube tray. Then add a tiny drop of food color to each well. Stir then freeze.


As it melts it is quite messy. Arora really enjoyed mixing the little pools of color.

In to drawing

Arora has been really into drawing lately. She wants to have David or I draw something and she will copy it step by step.

Arora's rainbow phoenix

We checked a book out from the library calledĀ  1 2 3 draw mythical creatures . Arora loved it. We generally ask arora what she wants to do with a piece of art when she is done with it. Trash it, or hang it up. Most of the time it is hang it up.

our gallery

The other day Ender was coloring next to us as I was showing Arora how to draw a zebra.

Arora's zebra

After we were finished we hung up the zebra, and then IĀ  hung up Ender’s picture too. He was beaming! Pointing at it and smiling. Now I make a point to hang up Ender’s art work regularly.

Ender's zebra

Jack-o-lantern jars

Here is another simple art project. Take a jar, wash it well. Take tape and make a face on the jar. Then have your preschooler paint the jar. When it is dry remove the tape and your face will be clear. You could place a tea light or battery powered candle in side.





Cat on a recycled can







First you will need a soup can or equivalent that has been washed and dried. Take a tape measure to measure the size of your can. Then cut out construction paper to cover the can. I used hot glue to make sure the paper would stick to the can.
Then we cut out ears and glued them on. We added some googley eye and pipe cleaner as whiskers. Then a mouth with teeth. On the back of the can we hot glued another pipe cleaner for a tail.
Let dry, then put on display.
Arora loved doing the project, Ender loves the finished product.