Disneyland tips: general


Grandpa and Grandma Mayer,ME with Avalon, Arora, Ender and David at Disneyland front entrance.

Oh boy, another post about Disneyland! We just love going there so much and have learned so many things that I want to pass on to all of you. These things may seem small but when added together they really can make your trip so much better.

Bring your own food! And more then you think you will need. The food and drinks in Disneyland is so expensive. Yet they smell so good, you will be tempted to buy just one churro or turkey leg or popcorn. You will spend a small fortune. Disney allows you to bring your own food in. I normally pack: sandwiches, apple slices, grapes, protein granola bars, nuts, string cheese, raisins and skittles. We also will freeze some juice boxes which help keep everything cold.

Walking of of the park is cheaper then eating in the park. If you don’t want to lug a days worth of food with you plan on leaving the park to eat. For example one corn dog in the park will cost you $6.19. From a food cart on downtown Disney a corn dog will cost $4.00. If you leave  from the Disneyland main entrance there is a Denny’s, IHOP and McDonald within easy walking distance.

You can get FREE water just by asking. Go to any counter service restaurant (not a cart) and ask for a free ice water. There are also water fountain and sinks set up around the park to refill your water bottles.

Remember you cannot take your stroller in line. You will park it in a huge mass of strollers. If your stroller looks like every other one find a way to label it. Sometimes Strollers need to be moved, such as when cast members are setting up for a parade. They will move your stroller to do so. If you cant find your stroller ask where it may have been moved to.


On your first visit go to City Hall located just inside the park on main street USA. They will give you a free button. My kids are still wearing theirs, great free souvenir! They also give buttons for birthdays or a general celebrating button.


Bring a glow stick. Disney sells tons of glowing toys, hats etc. Stop buy a dollar store and buy some glow sticks, kids like them just as much and you will save a few dollars at least.


2 thoughts on “Disneyland tips: general

  1. I’m so glad you are posting these! My family is doing a Disney trip this summer and I was a little worried about how it would go with a baby. Thanks for sharing your tips!

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