Welcome Miss Avalon!

On the evening of February 16 we had the immense pleasure of welcoming our newest daughter to our family. Avalon was born at home at 11:20 pm, into the loving hands of her daddy, and every so quickly into her mama’s waiting arms. Labor went SUPER fast, I’m talking 20 minutes from feeling back pressure til having her in arms, and thus she was born before our midwife Hannah could arrive.

I had been having a lot of prodromal labor pains as I had at the end of being pregnant with Arora and Ender About a week before the estimated due date,  I had had contractions most of the day and called Hannah, the midwife, and Sarah, my very good friend, to come over. Well baby wasn’t quite ready yet and after a long night everyone went home. After that every other day or so I would think “this has got to be IT” but it wasn’t. Valentines day, which also was my due date came and went with no baby I was very tired and frustrated that all these labor pains had not produced a baby yet.

Saturday the 16th I dropped Ender off at his first big kid birthday party and went out to lunch with Sarah. I think the added girl time really helped put me in the zone for birthing. The rest of the day went on as a usual Saturday would. That evening I took some herbs recommended by Hannah to help things along. David and I passed the evening playing our favorite game Magic: the Gathering.

Around 10:55 the game ended and I was feeling a good amount of back pressure with frequent contractions.  I asked David if he would turn something on Netflix and rub my back. We made it through one and a half Pixar shorts and I needed to ahem… head to the bathroom.

 Contractions were really picking up and I asked David to run a hot bath for me. The water felt good but the contractions were right on top of another. I asked David if he wanted to time them and he said we were past that, then he called Hannah.

Hannah who lived about 20 minute away from us said she would head right over and to call back if my water broke or I needed to push. Immediately after hanging up with Hannah, David called Sarah and asked her to come over. The two phone calls took just a few minutes but seemed to take a long time. Every contraction was longer, and harder then the last and there was only a few seconds between them. Then all at once I felt the urge to push and my water broke.

David called Hannah back and she said to put the phone on speaker and she would coach us. David helped me to stand up out of the bath. I took one step out and could go no further. I sat down on the toilet.  The next contraction I could feel the baby coming down the birth canal.  I said “I feel a head!” David reached down and supported our baby’s head. One contraction later the rest of her tiny body emerged.

  I sat down and put her on my lap. We gave her a good rub and she started whimpering and crying. I was amazed that I had a baby on my lap, that I had birthed her as naturally as I could have. That there was no frantic trip to the hospital, no doctors, no IVs, no pain medicine. She was here and I did it. Me. Me and the Lord. I could not have done this great work with out the constant help, the constant peace from my Savior.

We had not found out the gender with this pregnancy. David and I agreed that if we had a son I  would chose the name and if we had a girl David would name her. When she was born we were very excited to see our baby was a girl. David had the honor naming her Avalon with the middle name of Eve after his paternal grandmother.

Sarah arrived just a minute after the birth and was a huge support for me. She did many amazing and helpful thing such as getting a bowl for the placenta which was also birthed before the midwife arrived.


Hannah arrived about 15 minutes after our Little Lady and made sure everything was as it should be. Avalon weighed in at 7lb 3 oz and measured 20 inches in length.


Arora and Ender slept through the whole thing and got to meet their baby sister the next morning. I recovered quickly but we had very rough time with breastfeeding but that is a post for another day.





2 thoughts on “Welcome Miss Avalon!

  1. Oh my gosh Holly!!!! What an incredible story!!!! I had goosebumps the entire time reading it. You are an incredible woman and mother. Avalon will love telling her own birth story when she is older! What an amazing experience for you and David!!

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