In to drawing

Arora has been really into drawing lately. She wants to have David or I draw something and she will copy it step by step.

Arora's rainbow phoenix

We checked a book out from the library called  1 2 3 draw mythical creatures . Arora loved it. We generally ask arora what she wants to do with a piece of art when she is done with it. Trash it, or hang it up. Most of the time it is hang it up.

our gallery

The other day Ender was coloring next to us as I was showing Arora how to draw a zebra.

Arora's zebra

After we were finished we hung up the zebra, and then I  hung up Ender’s picture too. He was beaming! Pointing at it and smiling. Now I make a point to hang up Ender’s art work regularly.

Ender's zebra


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