Our favorite characters

The other night Arora was reading before bed, when I ent to tuck her in she was on the last book. It was “Fancy Nancy’s Splendiferous Christmas“, she was almost to the end and was asking me about what happened. I told her I didn’t know I hadn’t read that one  yet, she then look at me and said “Mom you know Fancy Nancy!” like I had forgotten her best friend.

We have made some good friends the past few week with our ramped up reading. Here are some of our favorites:

The Francis books by Russel Hoban: I remember reading these when I was a little girl. These are at the long end for Arora’s attention span. But the messages are so sweet and  I love how Francis is always singing.

Fancy Nancy by Jane O’Connor: Easy enough for Arora to read alone but with fancy words through out. Arora’s favorite part is the fancy word list at the end.

The Berenstain Bears by Stan and Jan Berenstain: On the harder end for Arora but we love to get the videos that match the books and read the books first then watch the short cartoon.

Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans: We often get Madeline as “stories” as Arora calls them. A book with a CD in it. We listen to them in the car. They often have songs and little stories in french after the book.

Do your kids have favorite book characters?


5 thoughts on “Our favorite characters

  1. Love love love Francis.

    Can she read the Little Bear books yet? Lots of tongue-in-cheek humor there – I always enjoyed reading those with the kids.

  2. Fancy Nancy is definitely a favorite around here. Katie also really likes the Ivy and Bean series, which are pretty easy chapter books. Arora is a good enough reader she might be able to read them or take turns reading a page or two. Becca’s favorites are Biscuit books, but those are probably too easy for Arora. The Ramona series is another favorite read-aloud book. Books by David Shannon are usually pretty good and vary in difficulty.

  3. Holly!!! You have such a beautiful family and your kids are getting so big! I love your guy’s Halloween costumes and sadly, we did not paint pumpkins this year. It just isn’t the same without the Mayor’s. If you ever come to Provo, know that you always have friends to visit and a place to stay. We sure miss you guys and wish you the very best!

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