Arora’s reading chart

A while ago we read a Fancy Nancy book where they celebrated the 100th day of school. And since then Arora wants everything to be 100, or 100 more.  So then I noticed it was about 100 days before Arora birthday. So we cut a big piece of our craft paper and in bubble letters wrote “Arora’s Poster”.  Arora colored the letters in then we hung it up on the wall.

We decided we would read 100 books before her birthday and each time we would write the title of the book on the poster. I thought we would read about one book per day and finish on her birthday. But I was wrong. Arora was so excited to record the books on the poster we finished in under 3 weeks. Some times arora would sit and read 10 book at a time. We started checking out our max, 50 items, from the library each week.

In the beginning I would write the title down. Then Arora started spelling each word for me. The last three books she wrote down herself. She is so proud of having her writing on the poster.

Even though we are over 100 books Arora still wants to read and right down more books. Maybe we should get her a little journal?

One funny down side to the project was Ender wanted to help and took the pencil one day and wrote all over the wall under the poster. Smart boy. Luckily it erased fairly easily.

How do you encourage your kids to read? Have you ever made a reading poster? How often do you visit your local library?


2 thoughts on “Arora’s reading chart

  1. Amazing!! Yes, a journal. Excellent idea. Haha – I hadn’t heard that Ender had graffiti-ed my wall. Not to worry, we have buckets of paint left over in that color.

  2. LOVE it! It has been like pulling teeth to get Seth to read this last year. We kind of gave up. Then we made a rule with the Halloween candy that they had to read a book to get a piece of candy. All of a sudden he’s been motivated and has now discovered that reading isn’t has hard for him as it used to be, so we’ll see if this continues once the candy is gone.

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