Cat on a recycled can







First you will need a soup can or equivalent that has been washed and dried. Take a tape measure to measure the size of your can. Then cut out construction paper to cover the can. I used hot glue to make sure the paper would stick to the can.
Then we cut out ears and glued them on. We added some googley eye and pipe cleaner as whiskers. Then a mouth with teeth. On the back of the can we hot glued another pipe cleaner for a tail.
Let dry, then put on display.
Arora loved doing the project, Ender loves the finished product.


2 thoughts on “Cat on a recycled can

  1. It’s amazing how the kids get the most excited for the simplest decorations. They don’t enjoy the giant store-bought spider half as much as they enjoy those tin can cats and the cardboard bats that you and Arora made last year.

  2. You are such an awesome Mommy! Every time I see the crafty little things you guys make and do it makes me want to be more like you are. I can’t seem to find the patience in me sometimes to do this stuff with the kids. 😦 I can’t wait for Friday and the experiments!!!

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