Oregon city farmers market

Last Saturday I took the kids to the Oregon City farmers market. It is held on Saturday’s from 9-2, and is located on Kaen road. We arrived around 10am and the first booth we visited had a huge cinnamon roll that was calling out to Arora.


We bought it and then wondered down to the Mexican food stand. I bought myself a pork tamale . We sat at an plastic table with an umbrella and enjoyed out treats.


After we were full and some of us were covered in frosting we kept browsing. We bought a small bag of hand made carmels and a 1/2 flat of just picked strawberries. Monday the berries will become jam, I doubt the carmels will last til Monday.

Something I found out at the market is if you want to pay with a card (debit or ebt) you can to to the information booth. You choose a dollar amount, they run the card and then give you tokens to give to the vendors. Great idea in case you don’t have cash on hand.

The market was fun, I’m sure we will go again.


3 thoughts on “Oregon city farmers market

  1. I had no idea about the card thing… that is good info, cause I never have cash on me. Sounds like a fun time you had. Farmers Markets are awesome!

  2. I did not know that about the debit card trick. Thanks for the info! And yes…I can vouch that the caramels did not last…I never even saw them! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the tip about using cards to get tokens! I didn’t know that!! I always get cash beforehand. It sort of works out, anyway, because we go to the one on Wednesday. Wednesday is our “market day” or “farm day.” We go to New Seasons first because they have their “farmer’s market” 10-2, and I get cash (I need the cash for milk and eggs, too). In the afternoon we drive out to the Oregon City market, then to a farm into OC to get our raw milk, then off to the parents’ to pick up eggs, and finish off the loop by heading home. It’s quite a big day.

    Maybe we will go to the market this Saturday because we skipped it this week and are low on veggies.

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