Trip to OMSI

We went on a family trip to OMSI, the Oregon museum of science and industry, last week. I was a little disappointed. I had been there a few times before and really enjoyed it. Nut this was my first time taking little children.
First off it is not cheap to get in. To see the basic permanent exhibits is $12 per adult and $9 for kids 3 and up. Plus they tack on a $3 parking fee. So we paid $36 just to get in the door. If you want to see the traveling exhibit (a “Chronicles of Narnia” piece right now) it is $2 more per person.
The museum in spacious and has tons of stuff to read about and learn from. Only maybe 20% is likable for kids under 6. I would say 10% is geared for 3 and under.
The science playground is made for the preschool and under set. It has many activities in a large room. The room was dark, crowded and under supplied.
The kid sized grocery store had nothing in it. The play house had 5 puppets and nothing in the play kitchen. The craft room had two dried out glue sticks and only scraps of paper to cut. The biggest part of the kid are is a sand pit, but neither of our kids like sand. We played in the kid room for all of 30 minutes.
We looked at some of the other exhibits but they are heavy on reading. Even with Arora being able to read she did not want to stand and read about how the inner ear works, or why women generally live longer then men.
We wondered through the rest of the museum, it was loud, busy, and geared to middle schoolers and up.
All in all I think our kids enjoyed the family day but would have preferred Safari Sam or the swimming pool. We will plan tongi back in say five years or so.


2 thoughts on “Trip to OMSI

  1. I love OMSI but have never paid to get in. Went a couple of times with friends who have memberships. I think it would be great to have a membership, only I don’t want to drive that far all the time. If we lived close, we’d be there a lot. Michael has always found lots to do in the little kids area, and we saw an exhibit about Egypt once, and he liked that. But I think he is science-minded. He is just so interested in how everything works.

    Maybe if he didn’t have to nap and we could stay there longer, I would pay to go in. But it’s just not worth the cost for a few hours.

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