From Arora’s party

I love how she is actually ready (parts) of her card!

We had a wonderful party last weekend. We sang songs, did some hand games, made birthday hats. There was also a big chalk board and a keyboard the kids played with. Arora licked the frosting off the cupcake, and enjoyed the fruit salad. She devoured 3 or 4 of the (kid sized) buns we made. Over all. Arora had a blast, I think the guest had a good time and she received some very thoughtful gifts. Some that will be very helpful for the plane trip.

We made party hats

yes, I bought the cupcakes. And that is okay.

I love seeing her simple smile.

We made this banner earlier this week.


3 thoughts on “From Arora’s party

  1. That was a fun, well-thought-out birthday party. I loved that you did songs with them–I had never seen Michael so embarrassed as he was when it was his turn to go around the circle. Mom was surprised that you didn’t make the cupcakes since you get so creative with them, but we figured you must have been way too busy. I have been inspired by the games she got…we have NO games for Michael, and I think it’s high time we got some.

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