Kansas here we come!

Our family is making some big changes in the next few weeks. For one we are moving half way across the country to Kansas. We are moving in order to take a new job. It is a big career change for David, and me. We will be working together, David and I, with our children right there with us. We will be living in a duplex, where we live on one side and the other side is where we work. The other side is a group home for 4 gentlemen with special needs. We will be their caregivers, their family. They will be our “guys” and our family too. We met them once and I already have a growing love for them in my heart.

We have been busy with sorting and packing. Visiting with friends and family. Visiting our favorite outing spots one last time and preparing our family for this change.


11 thoughts on “Kansas here we come!

  1. I am Happy for you guys. I hope that this is a great new adventure for your family. we love and will miss you. The Burns

  2. My inlaws do group care for three guys in their home. It was an awesome opportunity for both of his parents to give up jobs they hated. They really love being able to work out of their home. Their “guys” feel like part of the family to us. Best of Luck to you and your family Holly! I’m just sorry we never got a chance to meet up while you guys were here.

  3. We could not be more thrilled. Part of that is selfish though since we will be living down the street, but we are also really excited for the opportunity you guys have. So happy to see you in a couple weeks!

  4. I can’t believe you guys are moving to Kansas! I’m sad that we won’t have any more play dates…Michael sure loves Arora. I guess having all the family live out here was too good to last. Sounds like you’ll have some family out there, though? That’s good.

    You know, I worked in that field for about 7 years, and even though I loved the people I cared for, I was always amazed that anyone would want to do it for a career. I think it takes too much out of some people, but I guess others get more out of it. I’m glad you guys are excited. It will definitely be good for your kids, I think!

  5. Wow. Even though I’m going to miss both of you, I hope this move ends up being everything you hope for for. 🙂

  6. Wow. What a transition! And what a job! I’m sure it will be hard + rewarding + wonderful all at the same time.

    Wishing you safe travels and peace in your hearts.

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