Media fast

Starting Monday morning I am imposing a media fast on myself and my children. David will participate while the children are awake and he is at home. With the weather turning cold and wet and since we all were sick at some point in the last month we have been spending waaay too much time plugged in.  This mean no TV, computer, I-pod or radio in the car. The only media  allowed will be the music that plays as Arora is going to sleep at night.  I hope this will help Arora’s growing dependence on media stimulation. I also think it will be interesting to see how I do.  We are planning some great outings and activities for this week to fill our time instead.

One year ago 12-12-09

This is what is planned: trips to JJ Jump, and the library. A friends birthday party. Making salt dough ornament for some cousins we will be visiting soon.  A play date with a new friend. Some Christmas shopping for David.

We would like to: go swimming this week, but I would need some one else to go too for an extra set of hands. Make a red velvet cake, make Christmas cookies and decorate them.  Maybe go to Enchanted Playhouse again. We would love to see more friends, too.


So here  I sign off. Til next week.  Merry Christmas.


4 thoughts on “Media fast

  1. Planning activities is definitely a great way to get away from media. We’ve been a little too plugged into the TV lately as well. If Michael averages more than 30 minutes a day, I feel that is too much. Lately I think he’s been getting two hours a day. I can tell it saps his creativity, because afterward he will act bored sometimes…and he never used to be bored before. This is only lately, though. Since we got rid of our extra TV and moved the one we had downstairs, we watch way less than we used to. We had to move it back upstairs to make room for the Christmas tree, and it’s just too tempting up there.

    It was great to see you guys at JJ Jump today!

    • Sounds like it is time for Michael to get some Lego’s. As soon as we got some our sons were lost in legoland and still are.

  2. Ooh Holly! I’m so proud of you! I have had this very same thought so many times but I keep putting it off because I’m not sure that I could handle it! LOL. All joking aside, I think it’s a wonderful idea and I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

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