outing- Enchanted playhouse and a great deal!

Outing- Enchanted Playhouse

Located:  11520 82nd ave, just a block from the Clackamas mall.

Phone # (503) 908-0633

We went with our friends Shannon, Lexi and Owen last week. We had a great time! The boys napped and otherwise chilled in the baby swing or in the Moby Wrap. The girls were all over the place. Lexi was more adventurous to try all the toys Arora stuck with her few favorites : bouncy house and slide, and the roller coaster car.

I had to help her up the first time or two but then she liked it so much she was motivated to try a bit harder and master the skill.

There were a few older kids (5ish) and a few other toddlers but it was mostly empty. We played for around 2 hours, but once you pay you can play all day. We will absolutely be going back. It is a great place to go on a rainy day.

Normally it is $7 per child to play but you can get 3 passes for $10, a $11 savings! I’ll take it! But you have to act today. Trust me you kids will love it. A great things to put in your kids/grand kids stocking. (hint hint to Arora’s grandmas. 🙂 )  Click on the deal here .


3 thoughts on “outing- Enchanted playhouse and a great deal!

  1. That place looks awesome, and it’s so close to us (HUGE bonus, as I’m pretty lazy about driving these days). I couldn’t figure out how to get the deal, though. $7 is a lot, and even buying their 10-visit pass for $60 seems like a lot to me. But it sounds like a great place, we’ll have to check it out.

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