Tending to my sick little one

Just when I thought the virus around here was done, Arora stated saying her throat was hurt. At first I thought she was just mimicking what she has seen Dave and I doing the week before because she seemed fine. Then last night she wanted me to look in her mouth for the cough and get it out. Very cute! Today  She woke with a bad case of sneezes. Combine that with not being able to blow her nose and we have one snot covered toddler. We tried going to church but ended up leaving when Arora was crying because she was very tired and wanted to go home. Poor Girl. She got in bed and has been sleeping for two hours now with no signs of waking. I pray that she will recover fast, and that I will be sensitive to her needs.  I pray that all the immunities Ender has been getting from my breast milk will keep him well.

* How do you teach a little one to blow their nose?


4 thoughts on “Tending to my sick little one

  1. Poor dolly – I hope she bounces back soon.

    I remember lots of times of holding a kleenex or hankie for them and telling them to close their mouth and then BLOW! If I tried to demonstrate, I sometimes made a snotty mess, too. Hahahaha. Good luck with that!

  2. Maybe Phillip should come teach her how to blow. He’s taught Michael twice (he was so young the first time that he forgot by the time he had another cold).

    I hope Ender stays healthy, too.

  3. I’ll say this for Arora, she certainly doesn’t think she’s sick! I mean, she recognizes that her throat hurts, and her nose is runnier than usual, and she feels tired sometimes, but she has no concept of, “Hey, I am sick. Therefor I should sit around and be mopey and wait for sympathy from everybody else.” (like her dad…)

    I think her positive attitude is helping her get better quicker too. She seems to be getting over it pretty quickly!

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