“Hug it out”

I just read this article and it sums up why we parent like we do to a T. I don’t want to look back and think of my baby “crying it out”. What is is they are crying out anyway? The need for attention? The need to be held and loved? I want to remember holding my babies and intentionally loving them. If I spend 10 years of my life rocking fussy babies, nursing on and off all day and night, eating cold food so they can have their needs met first and missing outings to respect their natural bedtimes, then I will look back and see a life time of service. I feel incredibly blessed to have these two children to raise.

Ender with Grandma Kathy

Kathy, my mother in law, is a great example to me of how to intentionally love her children, and grand children. She takes time to play with our kids, is concerned with their development and their likes and dislikes. She gives great parenting advice, when asked for, and is supportive of they way we parent our children. I am grateful my children have a grandma like Kathy (and grandpa Mark too!)

* How involved are your children grandparents in their lives? What will you remember when you look back on your children’s early years?


3 thoughts on ““Hug it out”

  1. Aw, this post made me cry! This is why I held Michael non-stop for the first 8 months of his life and still try to hold him whenever I can. This is why I have a toddler popping up next to me in the middle of the night asking for milk. Already, I can look back to all the time we’ve spent together and I’m so glad that so much of that time has been of us connecting, bonding, and giving love (there is a small percentage of time when I have had my “moments” *sigh*).

    I think Michael has great grandparents. They may not have the same parenting philosophies that we do, but I know they recognize that we are doing a good job with him. I was so proud of my mom for doing EC with Michael! Sometimes I want to cringe at some of the things my MIL does or says to Michael (always done with good, kind intentions of course), but they have such a great relationship and that’s what really matters.

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