Outing- Children’s Healing Art Project

Art Factory located at: 1030 NW Marshall in Portland’s Pearl District.

Open to the public: Friday- Tuesday 10-6. Sunday 10-5pm

Cost: $5/hour per child. Cash only.

We recently visited the Art Factory with my sister in law and her two kids (5 months and 20 months).  The babies hung out in baby carriers and the toddlers painted and played for an action packed hour.  There are two rules at CHAP, no painting on the windows or walls and no painting on the floor. You can basically paint/ decorate any other surface there, including a really cool castle, push cars, or even on paper.

Arora was all about the glue, colored glue, glitter glue, or just plain white glue. We normally use glue sticks at home so squeezing and touching the liquid glue was fascinating for her. I put somethings on the glue, but most of her first masterpiece was glue on paper.

Then we moved on the paint. We painted with brushes, cotton balls, pipe cleaners and feathers. As well as fingers of course. Arora did not want to wear a smock and I was surprised how clean her clothes were afterward.

Pros: Really great for art minded kids. The other toddler we went with was more interested in the toys then the paint. I love that the fee goes to help pay for their amazing program the brings art to kids in our local children’s hospitals. You can leave the art there while it dried and go back after lunch or a few days later.

Cons: My husband would hate going here, glue! paint! glitter! EEK not for some people!




2 thoughts on “outing-CHAP

  1. We will have to do it again since the money goes to charity I don’t mind that my little man just played with the toys lol At least we have a couple master pieces and the best part is I didn’t have to clean up the mess!! I am glad you guys enjoyed it too 🙂

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