The Dolly Parton Imagination Library

first birthday with "Sleepy Bear"

When we lived in Rexburg Idaho Arora was able to participate in a wonderful program. Madison school district was affiliated with the Dolly Parton Imagination Library. Every child under the age of 5 living in Madison county could enroll in the program. I simply went to the school district office and filled out a form and I think showed some mail to prove we lived in the county. Then, every month, Arora would receive a new age-appropriate book in the mail. I know that this helped inspire a love of books in her.

A good friend of mine reports her children have 79 books from the program. Lets say that each book would have cost $10 to purchase. That is $790 worth of books! I wish we still lived in a place with this amazing program. You can visit the website to see areas where the program is, and how to enroll your community in the program.

Arora’s first favorite book came from this program, Wake Up Sleepy Bear by Christine Morton-Shaw. We would read it and read it and read it. Until one day I had to hide it because I could not read it one more time. Then she moved on to another book. This was when she was less then a year old.

There was a study done the showed that children with 500 or more books in their home had on average 3 more years of schooling then children with no or very few books. The act of reading and seeing others read has a huge impact on children.


2 thoughts on “The Dolly Parton Imagination Library

  1. My dream is to have a entire room dedicated as a library/study. I wouldn’t be surprised if I had close to 500 books already, but unfortunately most of them live in boxes in the garage. We need a bigger home to house all my books!

    That program sounds wonderful! I have a hard time buying books ever since I discovered how wonderful the library is, but I feel we need to have more quality children’s books in our house, so I am going to fork out the money for our favorites. I’ll have to look at that study–it sounds very interesting!

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