Moby Wrap

When Arora was a baby I purchased a Moby Wrap at a little second had store in Rexburg Idaho. It took some practice learning how to put it on, and how to position her in it safely and happily. Once I mastered it, I loved it. It gave me some freedom to use my hand while still holding her. It was great for walks and outings. I have always hated carried babies in their infant car seats. The car seat is so heavy and awkward to carry.

first time getting it on with out help (2008)

Here is a tutorial on one way to wear a Moby Warp.

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You can also tie the same way and have baby facing forwards. You can have a small infant is it more sideways so she would have more neck support. You can tie it on so baby is on your hip and even on your back. If Arora were willing I bet I could carry her on my back if I needed to.

*Next week I will  compare the three carriers we have. The home made mei tai, Moby Wrap and a traditional Snuggli back back carrier.


5 thoughts on “Moby Wrap

  1. This is great, Holly. I’m really excited for your views on the three different types. When Olivia was still (extra) tiny I used to carry her around in a little front pack all the time (not Snuggli brand, but same type). I liked the convenience, but it KILLED my back. And she was so tiny! It was a little ridiculous. Anyway, I’m very interested to learn more about the other kinds so maybe next time around I’ll have some better options.

  2. I think everyone should know that wraps are AMAZING because they take POUNDS off the weight of your baby. I’ve seen someone put a child that looked to be at least four years old in a wrap carrier (it was a less stretchy type, though, like the Didymos). They feel so secure, too, and I love how you can just pop the baby in and out without having to remove it.

    Next time around I’m replacing my homemade wrap with a really high quality one. I think it would be worth the money.

  3. We just got an Ergo and believe it was the best purchase ever!!! It holds up to 40 pounds and can be used as a front, side or back carrier. We have a bjorn that hurts our backs but the Ergo does not at all. It was great at the airport I had Kenadi in the bjorn on front and Blake in the Ergo on back and it was very comfortable!

  4. I agree about infant car seats – they’re so cumbersome. I much prefer the snug security of having my baby in a carrier (it’s easier on my back/legs/arms…plus I get to have my sweet baby closer to me – it’s twice as nice!). 🙂

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