Parent education classes

Twice a month David and I attend a parenting class. And we love it. It is a time to talk with other parents who have children around the same age as our own. We talk about normal development, what can be expected, and problem solve. The classes are sponsored by  Family Stepping Stones, so the classes are free. I found out about them because my good friend and fellow mom, teaches the class. Chelsea has two boys and has a degree in family sociology.  So she is perfect for teaching the class.

Classes are held every Thursday night from 6-8pm at the Gladstone Center For Children and Families. (8905 Portland Ave, Gladstone OR 97027). Each week focuses on a different age group, the first Thursday of each month is for parents of babies 0-1 “incredible infants”, the second Thursday 1-2 “wobbles and toddlers”.  The third week is 3-5  “growing up”, and the fourth Thursday of the month is for teen (and young twenty’s) parents.

Each class also has dinner (free!) and childcare (free!) so you can actually focus on the class and discussion. As I said before, we go to more than one class because we have an infant and a toddler. We have been attending for a while now and love the feeling of community at the classes. Plus it is simply a great night out, no cooking, no dishes, and two hours of adult talk.

If you have kids, and I think a lot of people who check this blog do, you are personally invited to come to a class.  You can find out more information at the Family Stepping Stone website, or by calling Chelsea at (503) 320-8745.

P.S.  Thanks to Kathy for watching Arora who sleeps through the classes.


3 thoughts on “Parent education classes

  1. I second your love for these parents’ nights! Lucy appreciates the chance to socialize with other kids in a childcare-like setting. I appreciate the reminders on child development and parenting techniques, plus not worrying about dinner for a night. My family benefits so much, I just wish other parents would see that and treat themselves to a little more knowledge (and free dinner!).

  2. Genius – reminds me of some of the classes Chelsea’s mom used to teach when we were young moms. She didn’t teach parenting, but she often served a dinner with her classes, and they were always a hit.

  3. I have learned a LOT from these classes. Especially about communicating with our kids, and really understanding their motivation for things. It turns out, they’re not actually TRYING to make me crazy sometimes, it just seems that way.

    One of the things I like the most is how much the dads are encouraged to participate. We get to brainstorm and talk about the kids too. It’s not just a “Mommy Class” where the dads are allowed to tag along.

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