Computer time with toddlers

Do you let your toddler use the computer? We do.  I think it can be a great tool. One of the first websites we used with Arora is It is fun, interactive and was a great help in teaching Arora the letters and sounds of the alphabet. I also like how the levels are broken down. Arora has almost mastered the second level of play.

In the airport Dec 2009

Another site we have used the fisher price online game pages. I like how most of the beginning games only require the toddler to press a key to activate the game. One of the biggest obstacles I have found to using online games is using the mouse. Arora simply doesn’t have the hand-eye or fine motor skills to use the mouse on her own. I have often felt like I was playing the games and Arora was only watching.  We recently put a small sticker on our mouse where she needs to push to click the mouse. I think she is starting to be able to move the mouse to where she wants to click. 

I have noticed that there seems to be large gap between the “toddler” games and the “preschool” games. The toddler games are very basic, number, letter and color recognition. While the games that are more fitting to Arora’s cognitive abilities, reading, rhyming, matching, basic addition,  are also too advanced. They assume she is school age. The level of social skills displayed in the games is way beyond her.

We have also used and sesame

What online games have you used with your kids?


9 thoughts on “Computer time with toddlers

  1. Our experiences so far are that Lu enjoys pulling off keys, typing, and watching YouTube videos. We use YouTube to help her learn and prepare for upcoming holidays and events. We watched flower girls walk down aisles during weddings in prep for her own turn at it. We watched kids trick-or-treating last week. I am not brave enough to let her play games (maybe because of how thrashed my computer already is from her just trying to play) but I might be inspired by your post.

  2. We are just starting to let Matthew play on the computer. Up until a few weeks ago he was just fine watching Jason play now he has decided it is his turn. Unfortunately we do not have the best computer or internet. Gavin is definitely not allowed on are near our computer. I am still trying to get all the crayon off the screen. I think it is great that you let Arora use the computer. Jason started using our computer at a young age he really liked Reader Rabbit. (I hope we can find them for Matthew). I like your idea of a sticker I think I might use that for Matthew it would be easier. Sometimes they have games at the library. I am not sure here in Oregon, but when we were living in Iowa that is where we got games for Jason.

  3. I’m still keeping Michael away from the computer. I’ve let him play on Starfall a couple of times, and I just get this sinking feeling that it’s not good for him. I’d much rather he learn about the world in it’s true 3-dimensional form whenever possible, and then my second choice would be books. I feel there are so many more learning options that don’t involve staring at a screen, and I will exhaust those options first. We’ll get him on the computer eventually…just not yet.

  4. Yesterday during Stake Conference I let Arora look at pictures with me on my iPod Touch. It was so dark because the lights were off for the broadcast that she had a hard time playing with her normal distractions.

    I’m hesitant to let her play games on the iPod because I fear that is an area of no return.

  5. OMG Holly… Lu and I have started playing on Starfall and she is addicted! Its nice to use a different form of media with her and I figure its a little better than TV. Plus she’s recognizing letters already!

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