Diaper Discussion

Arora has been day-potty trained for over six months now. About a month ago I noticed she was consistently waking up with a dry diaper. I decided to try having her wear panties at night. She went a week with no accident. Then one night she did not want to wear panties, she wanted a diaper. No she needed a diaper.  Not because she was going to pee in it or use it but because it is part of her bedtime routine to put on a diaper. It was if I was taking away her two books or not brushing teeth before bed. I have tried explained to her why she used to need diapers, and now she doesn’t.  I have tried showing her there are no diapers left,  I have tried everything, or so it seems.

Now I have her in a cloth diaper to keep the peace. But in reality she doesn’t need the diaper.

I need your help, how did you make the transition with your kids from diaper to underwear at night? What would you suggest we do? We strive to be respectful parents, and want Arora to feel comfortable with this transition.

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8 thoughts on “Diaper Discussion

  1. Hhmm.. I’m not sure I’ll be much help here. I just kept reiterating to Lexi that now she was a “big girl” and gets to wear “big girl” panties to bed instead of “night night panties”. There were a few times in the beginning that she asked for them but after I reminded her that she didn’t need them anymore, she would say “oh yeah!!” and be fine with it… Maybe one night just try to really hype it up about how exciting it is that Arora gets to wear big girl panties to bed and see if she catches on to the excitement? (Or maybe you already tried that.) Either way, good luck!!!

  2. Maybe it’s time for a new nighttime chart to hang by the door to Arora’s room. First a shopping trip for some special new panties (maybe with Grandma Kathy??) and then the new sign, with the new panties on the new chart…just might do it.

  3. I agree, get her some new panties for bedtime. But really, is it a big deal for her to wear a diaper? I know, you probably just want to be done with the diapers for her, but I think it’s best to let them wear the diaper if they really want to. She’s only been staying dry at night recently, right? Maybe she doesn’t feel totally secure without the diaper yet. I’d just try the new panties, but leave it up to her if she wants to wear them.

    • Even when she had wet the bed, she didn’t think she did. She would say that some water spilled. I don’t think she remembers when she wore diapers all the time because we put her in panties at 18months.

      • I thought since you said the diaper was like part of her nighttime routine to her that she had been wearing nighttime diapers till recently? I don’t think it matters that she’s worn daytime panties all this time, if she’s been wearing a diaper at night. I think little kids really split their days and their nights, like they are two different worlds.

        I just thought maybe on a subconscious level she felt more secure with the diaper. I read this story in a parenting book about a boy who had been night trained for a few weeks but then suddenly wanted his diaper one night. He got sick that night. On some subconscious level he knew he needed that diaper. And then there’s Michael, who’s practically been night-trained since he was born, but when we tried putting him in underwear or training pants at night a few months ago, he started wetting more at night. I don’t think they have to really be aware of what’s going on, but having the diaper or not still affects them on some level.

        Also, did you consider that she sees Ender wearing diapers all the time? Perhaps on some level she sees the diaper as something special and doesn’t want to give up her diaper?

        Just some thoughts.

      • Those are some good points. She does like to be involved with helping Ender use the potty and picking out the next color of Diaper for him to wear. I have been telling her that Ender is still learning how to go pee and poop in the potty, so he still wears a diaper. But when he is bigger he wont need a diaper anymore, just panties. Though he probably wont call them panties 🙂

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