Parent like a Caveman

I just read this article titled “Parent like a Caveman” and thought is was very illuminating.  Jump over and read it, then tell me what you think.



4 thoughts on “Parent like a Caveman

  1. Makes sense to me. My involvement with La Leche League when my children were young steered me in this general direction. I am so grateful I was able to be a full time mama when my children were young.

  2. Well, of course I like the ideas presented in this article…it’s exactly the way I parent! While I don’t believe we evolved from cavemen, I do believe this is the natural mode of parenting. Over the years people have invented devices to talk their place as parents, and have developed modern ideas to support shirking of their responsibilities as parents. If we go back to our roots, the tribal model is what makes sense.

    I read The Continuum Concept when Michael was two months old, and the author describes exactly this type of parenting in a tribal people called the Yequana. They are a very happy and peaceful people…great role models for us, I think.

  3. This makes sense to me – I think that instinct is key. I would feel guilty and just WRONG having my baby sleep anywhere but right near me and not cuddling him all the time.

    • We have a night sleep routine that I really like. Ender will nurse to sleep an hour or so be fore I am ready for be. He will sleep in his bed until he is ready to nurse again. Then he sleeps next to me. I like sleeping with him and also having him close for a quick diaper change. Less moving around at night is better.

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