Some choice phrases

Some adorable phrases I’ve been hearing lately:

es’cuse me people, es’cuse me mommy, where are you? (when getting out of bed)

I’m busy mom, I’m busy. ( in response to asking her to get something)

I need help…. I need help up… I need help up guys. (“falling” out of bed.)

This is terrible! ( when I said no to turning on the TV.)

Some phrases I’ve been saying that I never thought I would say:

Please do not suck on mommy’s nose. (pretending to have milk like baby Ender)

Even if you pull on it your tongue will not come out, it is attached.


4 thoughts on “Some choice phrases

  1. Ahhh, yes. I love the phrases kids come up with. We write some down, but not nearly as many as we should. Seth can come up with some amazing excuses for not doing things we want him to do.

  2. Good for you writing these down! Trust me, you really do forget as the years roll on…

    Just got caught up a little on your blog. I love the EC article. I think I would have tried that myself if we had known about it all those years ago. Also, do you have a pattern for that infant wrap? Is it comfortable to wear?

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