How To- make your own baby carrier

This is super simple no sewing necessary. If you can buy fabric and use scissors you can make this super cool Mei Tai baby carrier. My friend Lauren over at Hobo Mama made her tutorial so easy it would be silly for me to rewrite it here, so click here to see her directions. Really click over!

Now once you have it made here is a slide show of how to put it on by yourself. I thought it would be challenging but once you figure it out it is super easy.

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12 thoughts on “How To- make your own baby carrier

  1. Thanks for finally posting this Holly! Now when all these mothers and grandmothers stop us at the store or park, you can just send them over to your blog! (Not that I mind talking with strangers, but this has been happening really frequently lately!)

  2. That’s a really great photo tutorial, Holly. I never used a mei tai when Michael was newborn, just when he was old enough to have his legs stick out. I’ll have to try this when I have another baby.

  3. So do you like this one better than your moby? We loved the moby with Rebecca when she was little. I’m just wondering how you think this one compares. Great job with the tutorial.

    • This one is quicker to put on, and not so claustrophobic feeling. It is easy to throw in the diaper bag cause it less then 2 yards of fabric, unlike the moby which is like 10 feet of fabric.
      I like the moby for it’s secure feeling, this one seems to get loose when you sit down and get up a few times.

  4. Awesome Holly! Thanks for posting this. I will be making one of these for our next baby. I loved the moby but it was huge and such a hassle. I can’t wait to try one of these out. 🙂

  5. Is this made of fleece? Does it make you get hot? Whenever I have worn a baby carrier of any kind it has hurt my back, what do you think about this one and the pressure it puts on your back? Thanks for your help in posting the pictures. I will need something to carry around a little one, so maybe this will be the thing.

    • Yes it is made of fleece. It is much cooler then the other baby carrier I own, a Moby wrap. I find if I wear Ender (13lbs!) for more then an hour I start to get a stiff area around my shoulders. I find if I put him on very tight and am not sitting and standing repeatedly he stays tight then I don’t get sore for much longer.
      Most people have or have seen the “baby bjorn or snuggli” type carriers. We have one of those too, but don’t like it as much.First it is not as close a fit for baby to mommy. Little ones like to be as close as possible. Also most people will turn baby facing outwards, which also is not as good as acing inward. the back pack ones also top out at around 20 lbs which is typically when a child is around 1 year. Both the mei tai and Moby can be used for much longer, around 30 lbs. You back put a bigger child on your back just do the steps stating with the flap on your back.

      • I love that the mei tai doesn’t have fabric between the mother and baby…the baby can feel mama’s warm and softness and smell her scent.

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