photo session with Cindy Knowles

My wonderful friend Cindy over at garage studio photography took some pictures of the kids. She was great working with the kids, respectful of their limits and needs. She captured some great moments, I could put 50 pictures here today but I just chose some of my very favorite.


6 thoughts on “photo session with Cindy Knowles

  1. I’m so glad you got some more of Ender. He just was not into it that day I took pictures. By the way, I will hopefully have so images up in a gallery for you soon. It’s been hectic.

  2. The thing I appreciate most about Cindy doing these photos is that she gave us digital copies and the copyright to print more if we ever want to.

    It can be so incredibly frustrating to get professional photos taken someplace like Sears Portraits, and then after they show you all these AMAZING pictures of your children, they tell you that if you want digital copies it will cost hundreds of dollars. You feel like screaming, “But that’s MY child!”

    I am very grateful for photographers like Cindy and Lisa who recognize that in this day and age, digital is not only the best way to share your favorite pictures, but also one of the best ways to keep such special photos safe from physical harm.

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