My birth story

I had been having contractions on and off for weeks, literally. We had been to the birthplace at Willamette Falls hospital two times before. Each time as soon as I would arrive everything would stop, and we would be sent home. Each appointment my midwife would say “oh anytime now”, each time I was more dilated, 2cm, 4 cm, 5cm.  On July 30, I started having contractions around 11:30pm they went on and off all night.             By morning I was so tired! Mark and Kathy Haynie took Arora for the day as we expected that to be the day. After having contractions all day we went in to the hospital again and I was at 6cm, and then nothing was changing! We went home, Sunday came and I was still having contractions but not progressing.

Monday morning I had an appointment with my midwife and decided to be induced the following day. We made our plans for Arora for the next few days and packed our final bags. Well I was still having contractions all day and that night they were getting really strong and close together. We decided to go in at around 2am.  We got there and I was 6cm dilated. Two hours later I was still having contractions every minute but still at 6 cm. I was getting frustrated and so tired.

At this point I decided to have some pitocin to help the contractions. I was very scared to have an IV.  I told my nurse, Jan, that she had one chance to get it in. She did great, It was the least painful IV I can remember, but it wasn’t flowing well. Jan wanted to do another one, but I was too scared. This was at about 4:30 am.  Then the contractions kind of slowed down again. I was so frustrated! At 6:30 I told David he could have half an hour to lie down. By 7 things were picking up and I needed David’s help to get through the contractions. I was sitting in a rocking chair and power rocking.

By 7:30 things were very intense. I had a new nurse come on, Taela. I got into the bed and was checked, I was still at 6am!  I was so mad, and was crying and wanted some drugs. I didn’t know how long I was going to be in labor and I could not fathom doing this for hours more with no pain medicine.  I held out and did not have anything though. After about 20 minutes I started to feel pushy, Taela checked me again and I was at 9cm.

A new midwife came on at 8am, Marnie.  I started pushing about 8:10am and was switching positions, right side, hands and knees, left side and on my back.  Finally Ender had come down far enough that Marnie could break my water. He was still in a funny position so Marnie helped to move him. It is such an amazing feeling as I could feel him coming down my birth canal. With each push he could move a bit then move back a bit. Every few pushes I had to ask “Am I doing it right?” “Is he going to be here soon? “ David was right next to me, talking to me helping me to focus. Telling me to relax after each contraction, saying I had earned a little break. It was very helpful.

Then burning, as he was crowning and then he was born. It was so amazing to see him for the first time. So big and chubby! They put him right up on me and I could see him, lots of dark hair like his sister had.  I was so glad to be done. It felt like I had been pushing for so long, but it was only about 20 minutes. Ender David Mayer was born August 3rd at 8:35 am. It is amazing to me that I could give birth to my baby with no pain medicine, that I could fully experience the event.

Ender was 8lb 12 oz, and 20 inches long, a full 2lbs and 2 inches bigger then Arora. We were able to start nursing right away, and he was a champ. His temperament is so calm. He lets me know when he needs something but it is a soft almost peaceful cry. Arora was able to come and visit after a few hours. She was great! We had Arora bring Ender a little turtle lovey. Ender gave Arora a gift too; we think it helped to ease the transition.  My heart is full of love for my new little boy. He is a joyful addition to our family.


8 thoughts on “My birth story

  1. What an great birthing story. What is up with these boys they all want to be born facing the wrong way. Matthew and Gavin did the same thing. (oh wait a moment Jason too). I wonder if you had the same nurse we did. Oh, I can’t remember her name but she was the nicest nurse I have ever had. Congrats.

  2. So happy for you that things went as well as they did and you got to birth him your way. I am so glad your IV got in with one shot. Much better that way. Please give your little boy and your little girl and big hug and kiss from us. You are my hero and I am so happy that you are in our family. Big hug to you and David too! Kendra

  3. I loved reading your birth story and you are a champion for going through it all! You are such a cute family and we are glad you are close by 🙂 Also Marnie delivered Blake which I think is neat for the cousins to have in common!

  4. Beautiful story! You are so tough! I can’t imagine how frustrated and exhausted you must have felt. But what a great reward…Ender is perfect!

  5. Your birth story is kind of fascinating. I’m so proud of you for not using pain meds. It’s really hard to resist them!! I love the part about you power rocking, lol, and I’m still amazed you only pushed for 20 minutes. How cool that you could feel him in there. Having an epidural, I literally felt nothing except for excruciating hip pain. It would have been helpful to feel what I was doing with my pushing!

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