two days old

I am so happy that Ender is here!  He was born Tuesday Aug 3rd at 8:35am.  He is healthy and wonderful!  I love him so much and feel like I am glowing with love and joy and awe at the last few days. I will post his birth story here in a few day. Every one says he looks so much older (and wiser) then just 2 days old and I agree. Here is a comparison of Ender and Arora. Ender is 1 day old and Arora is 3 weeks old. They look so much alike!

Going home from the hospital.I think their nose’s are exactly the same. Ender was a full 2 pounds and 2 inches bigger then Arora was at birth. I guess the extra time in the womb did him good.


4 thoughts on “two days old

  1. Hahahaha – I’m glad you’re glowing with love for the little guy now – as I recall, you were just a wee bit irritated with the boy the day before he arrived. 🙂 Can’t wait to see him again! He’s wonderful!

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