I need some encouragement

I am sitting here  feeling frustrated and so lame.  Two weeks ago when I was 38 weeks pregnant I had a few hours of really strong intense contractions.We went to the hospital and then everything basically stopped.  I was 4cm and 80% effaced and not progressing. We were sent home.

Another week passes with contractions nearly everyday,  I am getting so tired and sore. Then Wednesday night Dave helps me to go to bed early, 9pm. I sleep really good and wake up feeling so refreshed and having so much energy.  I start having contractions at about 4pm. They get closer and stronger , buy 11:30 they are very intense. We go in to the hospital, and they promptly stop. 4 cm 80% effaced and nothing. We go home.

*Will this baby ever get here? What is wrong with my body? Did you ever get sent home from the hospital? I need some encouragement from all you wonderful mommies.*


7 thoughts on “I need some encouragement

  1. I have never been in this situation before. But you are so strong you can do it! I am sure it will happen any day now. On the plus side in a week or so when you are so tired you can remember this time and use it as motivation to keep going even when you are dead tired. Good Luck Holly

  2. Maybe your body is just telling you that it wants a home birth. I’ve heard of this scenario a lot. It’s possible for a womb to hold onto a baby until the mother feels comfortable in her surroundings. I’ve even heard of this happening, where a woman’s labor is progressing at home until the midwife shows up, or a friend show up. Some women need more privacy and peace during their birthing. Whatever it is for you, I’m sure that nothing is wrong with your body. Perhaps there is something unresolved? (Like do you still wish you could have a home birth? Something left undone? Unresolved feelings about something or someone?) This sort of thing can halt labor, too. Good luck, I hope Ender comes out soon for you!

  3. I had lots of contractions before 36 weeks, then none until labor. Believe me, I tried everything to get her going, and nothing worked. Lucy was born on the day I was supposed to visit my midwives to schedule my induction because I was 41+ weeks. I labored at home for 12+ hours until my contractions were 1-3 minutes apart (since they had started at 5 minutes apart). It’s totally different for each baby and momma. The momma-nurses I work with say that those fake-out contractions that make you go into the hospital are just getting everything good and ready. Just think how easy it will be when it’s finally time! I think Ender is waiting for everyone, especially his sick big sister, to get feeling much better. He’s also telling you to take extra naps and take it easy… Getting extra contractions at the end of the day when you’re exhausted. What a good boy!

  4. I had tons of contractions with Owen but I was stuck at 2 cm so I can only imagine how much more intense things could be since you’re already at a 4! Hang in there my dear.. I’m sure he will arrive very, very soon. And yes, the sleep deprivation is around the corner so try to enjoy any naps or early bedtimes you can now!! Good luck!

  5. I was sent home with my first but it didn’t last long (I went back in about an hour later and labor went into full force soon after that!). I think it is fairly common for this to happen. Just try and be as patient as you can. The little one will come when you are BOTH ready!

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