making peanut butter playdough- kind of

I thought it would be fun to make up some peanut butter play dough. I don’t know what I was thinking. I guess I forgot my daughter HATES getting her hands dirty or sticky or messy. I found this recipe and scaled it down to 2 servings. Then I realized we were almost out of honey, we had just enough to make it. We mixed together the ingredients but it did not come together well. Maybe we needed to mix it longer but it was so grainy and so sticky. Arora sampled it on a spoon and was happy enough with the taste. I thought it was sickeningly sweet. I tried to get her to touch it, no go. It was basically a waste of time and ingredients. I did put it in the fridge to try it again tomorrow.

Even though it was not a huge success, it was time we spent together. Arora was learning measuring skills and mixing skills. I was practicing being patient, and just enjoying having one baby still.

Have you ever made peanut butter play dough? Did it turn out better?


5 thoughts on “making peanut butter playdough- kind of

  1. We have made peanut butter play dough here once. It did not turn out too well. One thing is that you could only make it one color. Another thing it kinda made our boys sick I think they ate too much or something. I have a recipe that you make with white cake mix and the boys really like it. You can make it all sorts of colors we made it the other day. If you want i can give you the recipe.

  2. That sounds gross. But it gets me thinking about alternative edible playdough that’s perhaps healthier. Hm. Michael doesn’t like getting his hands dirty, either. He now has to have a wash cloth at every meal. lol

  3. I love that you are always doing such fun, creative projects w/ your little girl! You strike me as being an involved and intentional mama. Keep up the good work.

    P.S. We’ve never made any kind of play-dough. It’s on my “list” of fun activities to try though…

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