too big

We have been busy getting things ready for baby Ender to arrive. We have all the clothes sorted and laundered. Washed and stuffed our cloth diapers. Went through a bunch of boxes labeled “baby” and got out a small box of rattles and other baby toys. Arora has really liked playing with the baby toys. Here is a photo of her about a week old.Notice how little she is. She has jaundice and was sitting on a Billi Blanket, which is why she is glowing. Now here she is last week,legs hanging off the end, head off the top. She likes playing with the little cow that “sings” a very high pitched version of Old MacDonald. Arora has always been very attached to this blue rocking chair. We decided to buy a separate bouncy chair for Ender so there is no jealousy over the chair.

I have about 3 weeks until my “due date”. Only 5% of babies are born on their due date. I feel confidant that Ender knows when his birthday should be. I just hope it is sooner rather then later.


6 thoughts on “too big

  1. Oh how precious! I love to see the “before” and “now” pictures. She is getting so big! I bet she is going to be an awesome big sister. And GREAT idea on the chair so that she can keep her own. 🙂 Good luck and I too hope that Ender comes early!

  2. We have that same farm-themed bouncy seat…and we love it for when our babes are little. It’s so handy for when you want to jump in the shower or put something in the oven and need to put baby down for a few minutes.

  3. It’s so funny how once they are big they think it hilarious to pretend to be a itty-bitty baby. Lucy was climbing in Exersaucers, walkers, and bouncers at a garage sale and kept saying “Me ittle bee-bee… Naaahhh!” then busting up laughing.

  4. That is quite the juxtaposition! It’s amazing to me that she is acting so grown up these days (just caught her reading “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See” to herself) and yet it even stranger to think that any day now we will have another little one as small as Arora was in that photo!

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