two and a half

Dear Arora,

You are two and a half today. I can hardly believe you are so grownup. You surprise me everyday with the things you remember. You are so smart, you love to practice your words, numbers and spelling. You remember where and when you learned a new word or concept. You have around 50 words memorized, I can say  or write s-t-a-r and you know it is star. You can easily count to 50 by yourself. You might through in a 20-10 or 30-10 though.

I love going on outings with you. When we are going to go somewhere I will give you clues to where it is. For instance, it starts with a “s” and there is water there.  You will think about it for a minute then say “Swimming is open today!” You think whenever we can’t do something or when it is time to leave it is because it is closed. You love to sing songs and love it when Daddy sings songs with you.

First photo

You love to color and do art projects. Your hands are almost always covered in ink. You have gone through 2 sets of markers already.  You even have crayons and paint for the bath. Another favorite activity is cooking. You hardly let me make anything with out wanting to help. Your favorite part of cooking is the tasting, and then looking in the mirror at your messy face.

Six months

Some phrases I hear all day are “no mommy’s help!”, “Now it’s Arora’s turn”, “TV on now”,” and then…”

At bedtime you always sleep with your red didit (blanket), heart didit, bear and circle pillow. You always want the CD player to be on song 3. You recently started wanting to sleep on the floor instead of in your bed.

You are seriously addicted to TV. You get this from your dad. Your favorite shows are Word World and Super Why.  I used to hate you watching so much TV but know realize you are actually learning words and spelling from them. The other day you gave me a hug and said “like on Super Why, Little Red (Riding Hood) gave  grandma a hug.” You had only watched that episode once, and it was a week before.

Some of your favorite foods are: pancakes, chicken, chocolate raisins and goldfish crackers and any kind of juice.

You love going to your Grandpa John and Grandma Linda’s house and chasing there cats. You like to play outside in general and enjoy going on baby walks. Which means you push your baby in her stroller for about 5 minutes then Mommy gets to carry it the rest of the time.

2 years old

Soon you will be a big sister. You talk about the doctor looking at mommy’s belly, and having a baby brother. I think you will be a great big sister. You are so loving and gentle.   I love you so much and am go grateful that you are my daughter. You teach me about being patient and to always “try again” as you say when things don’t go your way. You are quick to offer a kiss better when I am sad or if you see someone with a band aid. You share your blanket and bear with me when I say I am tired.  You are wonderful.

I love you,

Love Mommy

2 1/2

You can read my birth story of Arora here.


7 thoughts on “two and a half

  1. This is beautiful. I am so amazed that Arora can spell and count to 50! Arora is a sweet little girl, and Michael just loves talking about her.

  2. Holly,
    Thank you SO much for writing this! For a long time I have felt bad that we haven’t written down more about Arora’s early personality to share with her later. So many fun and wonderful details can be lost without writing them down.

    I am so grateful that you are writing this blog, not only for yourself and your present readers, but for our children who will someday be able to read through the posts and learn more about their amazing mommy and themselves. Please keep it up!!

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